About Us

About Doering Design

Doering Design was started in 2002 by a young and creative individual who wanted to be more than just a web developer. He wanted to get away from behind the computer and interact with his customers. At Doering Design we take pride in working directly with our clients in order to get their ideas, and needs just right. This vision has helped build great products, lasting relationships, and original work.

We strive to invest our knowledge and skills with the latest technologies and ideas in order to meet all of your design needs. We take the time to understand your wants in order to develop a creative product that will allow you to stand out from the others.

Doering Design offers professional work without the stress of high prices and slow service. We are not a huge corporation, just a few people who like technology and enjoy helping others bring their ideas to the internet or print. Please take a look around our web site or contact us for further information, and thank you for your time!
-Michael Doering

Our Office

Web Design

Doering Design specializes in creating and redesigning web sites. We encourage every business to take their company to the internet so that the world can view it. Today, it isn't easy to keep up with the latest trends in the online market, this is where we come in. Personal or business, many companies are already online. Our goal is to help our clients web sites stand out and be original.

Print Media

Allow us to help get your information to the social world. The best way to have your logo, business card, or poster viewed is for it to be eye catching and original. Our graphic artist at Doering Design thrives on these types of duties. We take pride in making it just that. Bring forth any ideas you may have about about Print Media, we are here to work with you.

Web Portals (CMS)

You are in control when you use a CMS for your web page. This allows you to update content, images, and many other items. You may also create and manage users that can also view certain data and/or edit certain pages. You are the manager of your page. We specailize in WordPress and other simular platforms, contact us today for more information.