Web Design

Doering Design specializes in creating and redesigning web sites. We encourage every business to take their company to the internet so that the world can view it. Today, it isn't easy to keep up with the latest trends in the online market, this is where we come in. Personal or business, many companies are already online. Our goal is to help our clients web sites stand out and be original.

We can design web sites to fit any business and/or personal need. From basic to advanced, database driven, or flash. Doering Design also helps clients set up online shops using shopping carts. Our objective is to give the client and viewers exactly what they want.

You should be in control of what goes on your web site. We have a great web design team that will work directly with the client so that everyone is on the same page. We promise to deliver a creative and quality driven product in a timely manor.

Print Media

Print media is very important for many reasons... For one, everyone would like their information viewed by as many people as possible. Second, a web site is only for people on the internet, what about when we drive our cars, walk the streets, or just pass people by? In the grand scheme of things we all service each other, at Doering Design we would like to have your service be viewed in the most creative ways. We create anything from business logos, cards, brochures, decals, to posters and banners.

Allow us to help get your information to the social world. The best way to have your logo, business card, or poster viewed is for it to be eye catching and original. Our graphic artist at Doering Design thrives on these types of duties. We take pride in making it just that. Bring forth any ideas you may have about about Print Media, we are here to work with you.

Web Portals (CMS)

What is a CMS? A CMS is a Content Management System, some call this a web portal as well. CMS is used all over the web and seems to be growing rapidly. Facebook, Google, and Ebay are all examples of a CMS. In easy to understand terms, it is database driven web pages that manages work flow for your page that you can edit.

You are in control when you use a CMS for your web page. This allows you to update content, images, and many other items. You may also create and manage users that can also view certain data and/or edit certain pages. You are the manager of your page. This can be used for any type of site including an Ecommerce page.

There are many extensions you can use with your CMS. You are not limited to these but here are some items that are customizable for your site that you and others can be in control of: calendars, document uploads, edit page content, photo viewers, event pages, advertisements, web search, guest books, polls, surveys, and mobil app's just to name a few.